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Why choose ProfiWH?

The reliability and quality of operation
the running of all servers and customer applications is under the constant supervision of our operators and technicians.
All servers are subjected to regular maintenance; their number, capacity and efficiency are continuously increased with growing needs. Server content is within the scope of preventive measures regularly backed up, and that is at intervals that minimize the risk of any loss or data corruption. Servers are connected to systems of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and are found behind a firewall, so that they are protected from unauthorized accesses and attacks by computer hackers. ProfiWH data centres are placed directly on the Internet backbone network, therefore the highest speed possible of access to www presentations placed on our servers is secured.Data centres are physically placed in Prague and Olomouc.

a unique system enabling a burden distribution to more servers. The whole system can grow as needed, without bringing large changes in the setting and functionality of the whole system.

in the event of a server failure, the rest of the operations are redirected to other running servers. 100% server accessibility, or more precisely of individual services (POP3, SMTP, WWW, SQL and FTP), may be achieved through this system

Cheap registration of domains .CZ
ProfiHOSTING s.r.o., the operator of ProfiWH service, is an authorized registrar of domains .CZ, and is therefore able to secure for its clients the highest quality services in the field of registration and administration of .CZ domains for very favourable prices.

Cheap registration of international domains
we are also a partner of several international registrars. We can offer a low price for registration of domains .COM, .NET, .INFO, .BIZ, .US and others.

Customer support 365/24/7
we operate a 24-hour technical support for our partners and customers. Trained customer support is ready to gladly deal with all your requirements concerning hosting services at any time of day or night, at the weekend, and also during holidays

The firm’s tradition and experience
The company ProfiHOSTING s.r.o. is the operator of ProfiWH and has been operating on the market of Web Hosting services since 2000. ProfiWH is a brand name for a complete portfolio of hosting services.

Easy administration of client administration
Our clients have access to a WWW interface that will facilitate and make the use of ordered services more effective without the need for the administrator’s assistance.

Discounts and benefits
We think highly of our customers and therefore offer them the possibility of obtaining different types of discounts – a bulk discount, discount with annual subscription of individual services, the possibility of their own domain registration for bargain prices and others.


29.05 2006

NEW and very interesting domain names have been arranged for you - .TV for 28 GBP or .IN for 11 GBP. Don’t hesitate and register now.

E-mail space has been enhanced in ALL webhosting programs. We’ve added from 150 MB to 1500 MB to the programs. Enjoy the new space for your e-mail.

A new mail program has been added to the webhosting programs. It is intended for your e-mail and the quota was set to 2000 MB.

There is a free domain registration possibility at the particular webhosting programs. Pick out webhosting program and choose the most convenient domain, e.g.: .EU, .COM, etc.

02.05 2006

Haven’t you succeeded with the .EU domain? Don’t worry! A new .PS (personal site) is ready for you. The price is 20 GBP. Don’t hesitate and register now.

The company ProfiHOSTING s.r.o., with it’s registered office at U cukrovaru 615/30, 779 00 Olomouc, is the operator of ProfiWH. Contact: +420 588 001 009 Technical support 24/7: +420 588 001 009, support@profiwh.eu. More info»