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MAIL hosting

  • DNS records on 4 servers independent of each other (ns.profiwh.com, ns.profiwh.cz, ns.profiwh.net, ns.profiwh.info)
  • The possibility of online adaptation of a DNS record via Web Interface
  • Email server + unlimited number of email boxes (2500MB of space for you mail)
  • WebMail for access to mail via Web Interface
  • Unlimited setting of aliases, forwards, automatic replies, SMS notifications of received mail
  • AntiSpam, AntiVir, SpamAssassin, Challenge Response, Sender Policy Framework
  • Sent and received mail back-up – 90 days
  • Customer support 24/7/365, guaranteed service accessibility 100%
  • celkem k dispozici protoru 1000MB (původně 500MB)
Price 1.00 EUR excluding VAT .:: ORDER ::.

One month web hosting prices.


29.05 2006

NEW and very interesting domain names have been arranged for you - .TV for 28 GBP or .IN for 11 GBP. Don’t hesitate and register now.

E-mail space has been enhanced in ALL webhosting programs. We’ve added from 150 MB to 1500 MB to the programs. Enjoy the new space for your e-mail.

A new mail program has been added to the webhosting programs. It is intended for your e-mail and the quota was set to 2000 MB.

There is a free domain registration possibility at the particular webhosting programs. Pick out webhosting program and choose the most convenient domain, e.g.: .EU, .COM, etc.

02.05 2006

Haven’t you succeeded with the .EU domain? Don’t worry! A new .PS (personal site) is ready for you. The price is 20 GBP. Don’t hesitate and register now.

The company ProfiHOSTING s.r.o., with it’s registered office at U cukrovaru 615/30, 779 00 Olomouc, is the operator of ProfiWH. Contact: +420 588 001 009 Technical support 24/7: +420 588 001 009, support@profiwh.eu. More info»