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KOMPLET hosting

  • Free domain registration of .CO.UK, .EU, .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO or .BIZ domains for 1 year! *
  • DNS records on 4 servers independent of each other (ns.profiwh.com, ns.profiwh.cz, ns.profiwh.net, ns.profiwh.info)
  • The possibility of online adaptation of a DNS record via Web Interface
  • 1000MB of Web space
  • Email server + an unlimited number of email boxes (3000MB of space for you mail)
  • WebMail for access to mail via Web Interface
  • Unlimited setting of aliases, forwards, automatic replies, SMS notifications of received mail
  • AntiSpam, AntiVir, SpamAssassin, Challenge Response, Sender Policy Framework
  • Detail statistics of the Website attendance
  • Unlimited data transmission, unlimited access via FTP, WebFTP, 5 independent FTP accesses
  • SQL server (MS SQL, 2 databases PostgreSQL, Access, ODBC), administration via Web Interface
  • available space for databases - MySQL 200 MB, MS SQL 100 MB, PostgreSQL 100 MB
  • 5 periodically running scripts (CRON)
  • Operating system LINUX (PHP4, PHP5), operating system: WINDOWS (ASP, FrontPage, ASP Pack Components, .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0)
  • Regular back-up of data - once a week
  • zálohy webu, logu a elektronické pošty dostupné za posledních 90dní - 10000MB
  • Customer support 24/7/365, guaranteed service accessibility 100%
  • Total disk space available 14400MB (původně 1900MB)
Price 7.00 EUR excluding VAT .:: ORDER ::.

One month web hosting prices.

*Domain registration is free only for one year. The domain registration must be ordered along with webhosting. It is impossible to claim domain name behindhand.


29.05 2006

NEW and very interesting domain names have been arranged for you - .TV for 28 GBP or .IN for 11 GBP. Don’t hesitate and register now.

E-mail space has been enhanced in ALL webhosting programs. We’ve added from 150 MB to 1500 MB to the programs. Enjoy the new space for your e-mail.

A new mail program has been added to the webhosting programs. It is intended for your e-mail and the quota was set to 2000 MB.

There is a free domain registration possibility at the particular webhosting programs. Pick out webhosting program and choose the most convenient domain, e.g.: .EU, .COM, etc.

02.05 2006

Haven’t you succeeded with the .EU domain? Don’t worry! A new .PS (personal site) is ready for you. The price is 20 GBP. Don’t hesitate and register now.

The company ProfiHOSTING s.r.o., with it’s registered office at U cukrovaru 615/30, 779 00 Olomouc, is the operator of ProfiWH. Contact: +420 588 001 009 Technical support 24/7: +420 588 001 009, support@profiwh.eu. More info»